Limelight's Global Content Delivery Network

Issue Email Phone
Technical Issues, not urgent: peering (at) N/A
Technical Issues, urgent: peering-noc (at) +1 602 850 6400
Maintenance Notices: maint-peer (at) N/A
Abuse/AUP violations: abuse (at) +1 602 850 5095


ASN: 22822
Routes: Approximately 550
Limelight Networks Peering Guidelines
1) MUST peer in all common locations, including "home markets".
2) MUST peer in multiple locations; geographic relevance will be considered.
3) MUST announce routes consistently.
4) MUST actively pursue trouble ticket resolution.
5) MUST NOT point default, reset next hop, or advertise third party routes.
6) MUST exchange a minimum of 1 Gbps.
7) MUST peer with both IPv4 and IPv6 (dualstack).
8) MUST maintain up-to-date contact info at
City Location IP Speed
Atlanta, GA Telx Atlanta 3x10GE
Ashburn, VA Equinix ASH 3x10GE
Chicago, IL LaSalle Any2 10GE
Chicago, IL Equinix CHI 5x10GE
Dallas, TX Equinix DAL 2X10GE
Los Angeles, CA Equinix LAX 10GE
Los Angeles, CA 1Wilshire Any2 2x10GE
Los Angeles, CA LAIIX 10GE
Miami, FL NOTA 3x10GE
New York, NY NYIIX 2X10GE
New York, NY Telx New York 10GE
New York, NY PAIX-NY 3x10GE
Palo Alto, CA PAIX-PAO 2X10GE
Phoenix, AZ ArizonaIX 2x10GE
Montreal, QC QIX 10GE
San Jose, CA Equinix SJO 2X10GE
Seattle, WA SIX 5x10GE
Toronto, ON TORIX 3X10GE
Vancouver, BC PIX Vancouver 10GE
Amsterdam, NL AMS-IX 6x10GE
Amsterdam, NL NL-IX 10GE
Dusseldorf, DE ECIX 2x10GE
Dublin, IE INEX 10GE
Frankfurt, DE DE-CIX 6x10GE
Frankfurt, DE DE-CIX 5x10GE
London, UK LINX 6x10GE
London, UK LINX 3x10GE
Milan, IT MIX 2x10GE
Milan, IT TOPIX 10GE
Paris, FR Equinix Paris 2x10GE
Paris, FR FranceIX 10GE
Stockholm, SE NETNOD A 3x10GE
Stockholm, SE NETNOD B 3x10GE
Vienna, AT VIX 10GE
Zurich, CH Equinix Zurich 10GE
Hong Kong, CN HKIX 2x10GE
Hong Kong, CN Equinix HKG 2x10GE
Singapore, SG Equinix SGP (AS38621) 2x10GE
Sydney, AU Equinix SYD (AS38622) 10GE
Sydney, AU Pipe SYD (AS38622) 10GE
Tokyo, JP Equinix TYO 2x10GE
Tokyo, JP Equinix TYO 2x10GE
Tokyo, JP JPIX 10GE
Osaka, JP JPIX Osaka 10GE
Company name:NOC telephone number:
Your name: NOC email address:
Your email address:
Abuse telephone number:
Your ASN:
Abuse email address:
Number of routes advertised:
Country your network is based in:
IRR object (AS-SET):
  MD5 password:
Accept this default MD5 password, enter your own, or clear field if you cannot support MD5.
Location 1: Your IP:
Location 2: Your IP:
Location 3: Your IP:
Location 4: Your IP:
Location 5: Your IP:
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Location 7: Your IP:
Location 8: Your IP:
Location 9: Your IP:
Location 10: Your IP:
All requests will be considered by the peering committee and we'll respond in 2-4 weeks. If you require a coordinated turnup, please note this in the comments along with your contact information and best time to reach you.
If you need to add additional information, you may do so by replying to the confirmation email that you will receive after opening your ticket.